An Update: [The Tale of Reconnection]

I know, I’ve been severely neglecting this blog.

[Not to mention all other blog sites… However, none of them could compare to the number of times I have neglected this blog.]

I’m also completely aware that it’s already the middle of 2015 and I’m only just starting to update all my blogs. With all of life’s shenanigans, my hands have been completely full, leaving me with an unsettling lack of time for me to tend to my mental and physical state. Since I’ve recently began this conquest of reconnecting with all of my blogs, I’ve released an overall update [most of them being studying and Ed Sheeran related matters] on Linn Express and yesterday, I published a movie review [Little Manhattan] on Linn Reviews. If you’d like to read them, just click here and here.

In addition to reconnecting to this blog, I have also decided to breathe new life into LinnTellsAStory by changing the entire theme, into something of a more simple and straight-forwarded nature.

I’ve also received a newly found determination, so much so that I have decided to make a proclamation that I am determined to stick with. I will do my best to update this blog on a some-what weekly basis. [That may not ring true¬†at times.. but I do promise to update on a much more frequent basis.]

With that… I’ll be leaving with an adieu.

I look forward to working with you.


It Lies Within Us- Just A thought.

I guess you could say that there are a lot of problems with this family, even though we laugh together and love each other… for some reason we find ourselves picking at things. And maybe we do it subconsciously… but we’re always looking for a problem to destroy all the happiness. Saying spiteful things, subconsciously hoping that someone gets hurt. It all sounds horrible but… I think that this is the corrupted truth lying within us.

A Simple Gesture.

There’s just some things that can only be done by certain people which always just makes you smile. I want to give you guys an example of this, from an event that I have just recently experienced.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere right now, you’d know that we’re currently experiencing the winter chill down here. We never get any snow in Australia though, just massive amounts of water. Of course, yesterday was no exception and we received quite a few showers. Luckily for me, it didn’t rain at all when I was walking from bus stops to stations, after school. It did start raining when I was on my last bus home though, however I was pretty lucky and it stopped once I got off my bus. I didn’t end up stopping at the usual bus stop which was located near my house though because I caught a different bus.

That meant that I had to walk further today to get back to my house. When I arrived home, my sister opened the door for me and asked me where our father was. I replied with ‘How should I know?’ because seriously, how should I know? I took the bus and the train by myself. She then informed me that he was waiting at my usual bus stop  because he wanted to wait for me.

After hearing this, I dropped my things and started running to the usual bus stop. I bumped into my father as he was making his way back home. His clothes were slightly damp and he was carrying a closed, unused umbrella. It turns out he was waiting there for more than half an hour for me. I asked him why he didn’t use the umbrella since it was raining.

He said: ” I brought it for you because I knew you wouldn’t open and use your umbrella even though you have one.”

That really made me touched.

I did what every daughter would do in that situation, I gave him a hug but slightly told him off for doing something so reckless, especially since he was already sick and he still decided to stand in the rain and the cold with only a jumper and shorts, plus he didn’t use the umbrella even though he was the one getting caught in the rain.

He even tried to lie at the start and he tried to deny the fact that he stood in the rain but I told him about how I didn’t get caught in the rain because it only started raining when I was on the bus, however I was well aware of the fact that it was raining half an hour ago because I was on the bus at the time.

It’s moments like these that are truly priceless.

Even though there are moments where my dad gets angry for no particular reason or he’s being completely unfair and I really can’t stand it but he’s my dad and I love him.


Get Motivated.

I wonder, is there is a limit to how much a person should work to achieve their dream.

If everything is against them, is it a sign saying that ‘this is wrong’ and ‘you shouldn’t do it’?
Is there such a thing as ‘fate’ and ‘signs’?

And while I am on this subject, I really wish that I could even think about things such as this because honestly… I don’t feel that I’m working extremely hard for my dream. It’s as if my dream is so far away that, I feel it’s no longer considered ‘mine’. I feel as if I’m slowly giving up and it’s uncontrollable.

I don’t want to give up though. I don’t want to let it go.

I want to reach my goal, but I’m slowly drawing back from the fear of not succeeding. It really makes me wonder…what if all of this is not worth it? What if I spend all my work and effort on this and nothing goes well?

I know that I’m weak and cowardly for thinking like this and maybe even a little lazy, however it’s hard and I don’t have the mental power for it.
I know that if I just put in a little more effort and a little more patience and maybe be a little more focussed on the task at hand, I could do it. I could pull everything off.

But for some reason , something is holding me back. I don’t know what though…

Maybe it’s me. I’m holding myself back.

From all my bad traits. Being lazy and losing sight of what I’m supposed to be doing, so often that I’ve already lost count. Quitting before I reach the finish line. Giving into my useless habits.

I really want it to change. I want to start completing my goals. Not resting till I’m satisfied with my work. Stop wasting time and getting distracted so that I can sleep early to fuel my days to come.

I just have to keep hanging in there and one day, my life’s treasure will show itself.




I’ve yet again created another blog. I just felt that ‘Linn Express’ was far too professional for the casual content that I wanted to write about.
(I’ll still be uploading posts there, as well as on ‘Linn Reviews’)
And thus, this blog was born.

If you’ve already read the ‘prologue’ (though it’s not really a proper prologue) then you’ll be aware that this blog will contain all my future daily thoughts. (Or personal thoughts)

This blog will be centered around me, the fifth member.
Well, let me just introduce myself with further details. I’m the third child of my family which makes me the fifth member including both my parents. On this blog, I’ll be mentioning more family orientated things as well as my personal feelings about anything that I’ve experienced.

Since I’m the fifth member, I’m the youngest, my brother is 4 years older than me and my sister is 2 years older than him. I know, that’s a pretty big age gap between my sister and I. I think so too. However, it’s not very hard to get along with her as she’s still quite immature for her age and sometimes it even feels like I’m older than her. Same goes for my brother.

Honestly though, there are times when I think that I’m not needed in this family and that I’m the one that’ll be the least missed out of all my siblings. Which makes sense, I mean, my family was already running running perfectly fine before I got there, they were already a happy family of four. I’m just the plus one that popped up. But thinking like that just ruins all the fun so I try to push that out of my mind.

It kind of sucks being the youngest child at times. I’m sure all those people out there who are the youngest out of their siblings can relate. (Those ‘only child’s definitely cannot relate, it’s definitely not the same thing and you’ll see why later) Well, when you’re the youngest child, you’re probably the one that is the least trusted, you don’t receive as much freedom as your older siblings and it doesn’t matter how old you are. I used to think that it was but now I’m in the middle of my teenage years and I still don’t really get as much liberty as they did when they were my age.

For some reason, in my parents’ eyes, I just don’t seem to be growing..even though I am.

This is not the same as those children who have no siblings. When you’re the only child, your parents don’t really have much experience with having multiple children, so if you compare it, you’re pretty much equivalent to the oldest sibling. You get just as much freedom and you’ll get treated as a young adult when you’re a young adult. You, my friend, have a good life.

I could go on and start describing each member of my family however, that would take up quite some time so I’ll try to make thinks quick by only giving a brief description. Let’s start off with the oldest, my dad.

First of all, let my just clear things up, I never ever call my dad ‘dad’. It just doesn’t seem right to and I don’t think I would ever be able to call him ‘dad’. I always address him as ‘papa’ or ‘pa’. I’m not sure if he’ll even respond if I call him ‘dad’.

He’s short-tempered but inside he’s still a ‘softie’. He has a good sense of humour and he’ll always help his friend. (No matter how hard the task is. He often gets taken advantage of because of this..) I feel like he treats my siblings like this as well, however he’s not as kind-hearted to me. I’m not saying that he doesn’t act that way towards me, however in comparison with my’s quite rare that I receive that sort of treatment.

My father’s taste in things are pretty typical, I guess.. He’s into cars, fishing, coffee and Buddhism. I particularly like his handwriting and his drawings. He’s particularly good at maths and science. When cooking he mostly only cooks seafood. He’s crazy about chilli and soy sauce. His taste in flavour is unusually extreme and he can be a ‘clean freak’ at times but he’s also quite disgusting.

My mother on the other hand is quite a crafty person. She loves making home-made items. This can be good but also extremely bad. An example of something good would be her ‘home-made blankets’. Their not particularly warm but they do look cute. She likes making cases for things as well. My favourites would be her pencil-cases and the iPod case she made for me.

Something bad would be her home-made detergent. It’s made out of rotten cabbages. It’s as it sounds, it smells horrible and we’re not even really sure if it works. It does stink up the house though. She’s notorious for leaving her sewing needles around the house, it’s quite frightening. My father even has nightmares about it. My sister even fell victim to it once. She stepped onto one and we had to get it out of her foot.

My mother’s also a very good cook. I really love her home-made meals the best. She’s also a big fan of baking. She bakes everything and anything! She even makes her own bread, They taste so much better when you eat them fresh out of the oven! I guess this is one of the simple things I like in life.

My sister is evil and when she’s nice, 95% of the time, she has ulterior motives. She’s quite mean and she only comes to me when I’m the last resort after everyone has ignored her. Even though I’m aware of her track record, I always go along with her. Though a the years go by I’m slowly learning from my mistakes.

I would say that she’s quite intelligent. I admire her handwriting the most. She’s my parents’ favourite daughter, mostly because she’s their first child plus she’s smart. My sister now currently has a boyfriend who I’m not very fond off. Particularly because he’s quite rude and he’s like a girl in the sense that he’s quite two-faced.

My sister can be quite a back-stabber at times and she is also quite a trend-follower. She’ll hate something but once everyone starts paying attention to it, it becomes her most favourite thing in the world. Even though there are a lot of things that I do not like about her, she’s still my sister and nothing will change that fact.

My brother is a lazy bum that is good for nothing. He spends 85% of his time in his room gaming. When we were younger I would join him and game with him but
I’ve grown out of that. Don’t get me wrong I still game, just not as much and it doesn’t take up as much of my time anymore. My brother, much like my sister, only comes to me when I’m the last resort. He likes picking up fights with me for not good reason. We used to be a lot closer but now I really cannot stand him at times. I’m not saying that we’re not close anymore but I just don’t spend as much time with him anymore. Which is a good thing because he really drives me up a wall at times.
Again, even though he’s an absolute pain in the butt, he’s still my brother and nothing will change that.

He’s quite obsessed with muscles and basketball as well, he has an acute fear of Indians, also he’s a giant homophobic.
He’s been like that for as long as I can remember.

I think that’s it for now.
Please look forward to my future posts!