Christmas in 2015

Obviously, as all of us are officially in the year 2016. It only seems fitting for there to be a newly published blog post about the Christmas presents that were received last year. So let’s begin.


Presents from my sister/ my sister’s boyfriend:

I received a TYPO water bottle from my sister which has a giant ‘L’ on it. ‘L’ for Linn. She also bought be this great big daily 2016 planner; again from TYPO. She absolutely adores that store.

Her boyfriend bought me some Japanese Sencha tea from T2, a Japanese tea strainer and a Japanese tea cup. Very mature gifts there.




(I bought tea for my parents too)

My mother bought me some jewellery. Very pretty. She bought me bracelets and one of them was for my sister. It’s a sister set, ‘big sis’ for her, ‘little sis’ for me. I think that it was extremely cute!


My godparents then gave me an Oscar Wilde notebook. It has some of his works on the cover and inside as well. It completely made my day. My sister bought me one before, but it was the William Shakespeare one. I love these notebooks and maybe I’ll collect more of them in the future! I’m not too familiar with Oscar Wilde’s works but I’m definitely going to look into that a little more now.



My best friend made a pillow for me. How awesome is that? Not to mention it’s incredibly squishy. She’s been on a pillow-making spree lately, She also bought me this journal from TYPO. I’ve never owned such a shiny object before. Not to mention that this is the best journal that I have ever owned. it’s very mature. – The ones that I’ve been using were free.

I absolutely love her because she knows me so well. No kidding her words were: “So what you do is, you write in your journal then when you get too emotional while doing that, you hug the pillow.” And check out her card. Brilliant.



And on Boxing Day when I went out with my family to see if any of their sales were good. I came across Ed Sheeran’s Wembley Edition ‘Multiply’ album at KMart and it was the last of its kind on the shelves. And so I took it as fate and purchased it. It was one of the rare moments of me being …shall we say… spontaneous.



I could spend a very long time expressing my love for this album, however that is not the purpose of this post. And so that shall be all.


Good Day.


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