The Tale of Little Monsters, Ed Sheeran and an Endless Night


Considering that my last post was uploaded last week, I’d say that I’m still in the safe zone. This post will be slightly different compared to my other ones, just because it’s a little bit more exciting and eventful.

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned it before on this blog but I was indeed scheduled to see Ed Sheeran in Perth on the second of December this year. I had been waiting for this day for a little over six months and when it finally happened… it just felt completely surreal. But it happened and I still cannot form the words to describe how I felt. (Except maybe… ‘awestruck’. Shout out to Wilder)

Well… let’s begin this tale shall we?

On the days leading up to the second of December, I felt surprisingly normal about everything. However that day was an extremely big day. I was scheduled to return back to school to aid with the Orientation Day; meaning I was to spend seven hours guiding little year sixes around the school, making sure that they were able to go to the toilet, not get lost, while all providing information about what High School life was going to be like.

It was exhausting. Luckily, we (my friends and I) were allocated with the nicest little twelve-year-olds. They didn’t complain a lot and they were extremely good at listening and following instructions. Not to mention, they were absolutely adorable.

After those seven hours, my friend and I walked back to her house. (We were going to the concert together, her mother was extremely kind and supplied the Ed Sheeran concert ticket to me) The temperature was around thirty-seven degrees and the Sun wasn’t doing us any favours either.

After a quick dinner, getting changed and waiting for the other girls to change. (I took five minutes to change. Somehow, it took them an hour and a half. The world works in mysterious ways.) We finally set off to NIB Stadium.

From there, we met up with some of my other friends and the concert began. Luckily, we were able to find a standing area that was right in front of the centre of the stage. Seeing Foy Vance, Passenger and Ed Sheeran perform was terribly exciting.

I found Foy Vance and Passenger extremely adorable. They gave me the impression that they were shy and had low self-esteem issues by talking about how they knew that nobody really wanted to see them and that everyone was just waiting for Ed Sheeran to walk up on stage.


It was so refreshing seeing such big names acting so humble and down-to-earth.


In the middle of Passenger’s performance, it finally hit me that it was him. I was actually seeing him right now, in real life. This was him. And another thing hit me. If this really was Passenger then I was really going to see Ed Sheeran soon. Me. I was going to see Ed. The amazing hairy orange man that I loved. His guitar skills, his voice, his humour; everything. (Obviously, in a completely platonic way) That twang and sudden burst of realisation struck me and my whole body felt tingly, this was it, my heart was beating fast and I felt completely breathless. It was amazing and I felt like crying in the happiest way possible.

Rudimental was also there, but I was never a really big fan of them. Though I did find out that they were the artists behind ‘Waiting all Night’. That was brilliant. I really had fun singing and dancing to that song.


And finally, the stage was dark and clips of foetus Ed (that makes me laugh. I love how fans come up with the strangest terms) started flashing across the screen until the one and only Ed Sheeran came up running onto the stage. He played his song: ‘One’ first. Before having a quick chat with us  and of course saying the words that I have been longing to hear for so long…

Hi, my name is Ed, my job for the next two hours is to entertain you, your job is to be entertained. Can I get a “HELL YEAH”?

Thankfully, I recorded it and he moved on to singing “Lego House” which matched my predictions.


Everything about it was amazing. We sang, we danced and Ed never messed up on the guitar throughout the whole thing. I want to play like him. I’m still learning. But maybe one day I’ll be half as good as he is now.

The concert ended at eleven o’clock that night and I only ended up falling asleep at two thirty in the morning. Courtesy of having a sleep over, watching Anastasia and my friend and I talking.

The next day once I got back home, I had received a notification… from Passenger.


It completely made my day. Especially since I was not expecting him to reply. I just wanted to send some love his way especially after all that he had said while he was up on stage.

Everything was amazing.


And seeing as how this was my first concert experience. I would say that it definitely went out with a bang.

The only cons of the concert were the screaming pre-pubescent girl and the lack of water. (As well as the incredibly old sugar-daddy next to me.)