An Update: [The Tale of Reconnection]

I know, I’ve been severely neglecting this blog.

[Not to mention all other blog sites… However, none of them could compare to the number of times I have neglected this blog.]

I’m also completely aware that it’s already the middle of 2015 and I’m only just starting to update all my blogs. With all of life’s shenanigans, my hands have been completely full, leaving me with an unsettling lack of time for me to tend to my mental and physical state. Since I’ve recently began this conquest of reconnecting with all of my blogs, I’ve released an overall update [most of them being studying and Ed Sheeran related matters] on Linn Express and yesterday, I published a movie review [Little Manhattan] on Linn Reviews. If you’d like to read them, just click here and here.

In addition to reconnecting to this blog, I have also decided to breathe new life into LinnTellsAStory by changing the entire theme, into something of a more simple and straight-forwarded nature.

I’ve also received a newly found determination, so much so that I have decided to make a proclamation that I am determined to stick with. I will do my best to update this blog on a some-what weekly basis. [That may not ring true at times.. but I do promise to update on a much more frequent basis.]

With that… I’ll be leaving with an adieu.

I look forward to working with you.


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