A Simple Gesture.

There’s just some things that can only be done by certain people which always just makes you smile. I want to give you guys an example of this, from an event that I have just recently experienced.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere right now, you’d know that we’re currently experiencing the winter chill down here. We never get any snow in Australia though, just massive amounts of water. Of course, yesterday was no exception and we received quite a few showers. Luckily for me, it didn’t rain at all when I was walking from bus stops to stations, after school. It did start raining when I was on my last bus home though, however I was pretty lucky and it stopped once I got off my bus. I didn’t end up stopping at the usual bus stop which was located near my house though because I caught a different bus.

That meant that I had to walk further today to get back to my house. When I arrived home, my sister opened the door for me and asked me where our father was. I replied with ‘How should I know?’ because seriously, how should I know? I took the bus and the train by myself. She then informed me that he was waiting at my usual bus stop  because he wanted to wait for me.

After hearing this, I dropped my things and started running to the usual bus stop. I bumped into my father as he was making his way back home. His clothes were slightly damp and he was carrying a closed, unused umbrella. It turns out he was waiting there for more than half an hour for me. I asked him why he didn’t use the umbrella since it was raining.

He said: ” I brought it for you because I knew you wouldn’t open and use your umbrella even though you have one.”

That really made me touched.

I did what every daughter would do in that situation, I gave him a hug but slightly told him off for doing something so reckless, especially since he was already sick and he still decided to stand in the rain and the cold with only a jumper and shorts, plus he didn’t use the umbrella even though he was the one getting caught in the rain.

He even tried to lie at the start and he tried to deny the fact that he stood in the rain but I told him about how I didn’t get caught in the rain because it only started raining when I was on the bus, however I was well aware of the fact that it was raining half an hour ago because I was on the bus at the time.

It’s moments like these that are truly priceless.

Even though there are moments where my dad gets angry for no particular reason or he’s being completely unfair and I really can’t stand it but he’s my dad and I love him.



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